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Absurdity between Moliere and Shampoo


Don Juan DeMarco: Final Scene

Don Juan DeMarco: Value of Life

Lust and True Love




Desire and Influence





The first post regards Don Juan’s power as a catalyst to change the lives of others.  It is positive in this context, though often in the original works it is difficult to see the good.


The second video demonstrated Don Juans credo, the manner in which he can desire; he does not look for the superficial but rather plunges to the heard of woman, the very essence.  In this context he can love any woman, no matter her looks or personality, because he can understand a deeper truth.  This is epoused in Shaw’s work.

Broken Flowers

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Dangerous Liaisons

the consequences of the Vicomte de Valmont and Madame de Merteuil’s actions

Gender Roles and Deception in Don Juan

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True Love: Cruel Intentions

Sebastian does truly love Annette