Vicini d’Istanti, where integration and intercultural exchange are valued

We would like to create an ad campaign for Vicini d’Istanti. The purpose of the ad campaign is to increase fabric donations for the organization, and get more people to know about the organization, as well as change people’s perspective on the narrative of immigrants to Italy.

In terms of the project format, the ad campaign will have two parts: a booklet and a slideshow video with voiceover.

First, regarding the booklet, we would like to create a booklet for the organization. Because the booklet covers the highlights about the organization, with the booklet, people who first hear about Vicini d’Istanti can get to know the organization quickly. We intend to include 10 pages of information in the booklet.

For the video we would really like to focus on the immigrants’ stories. This will give people an idea of the types of people that work for the company and should shed light on immigration to Italy in general.

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