Dickinson Wears Prada

In Italian culture, fashion plays a vital role in enabling individual to construct, sculpt and express their identities. This course examines Italian fashion as a cultural dimension, an industry, and an indicator of social change. We will analyze fashion “texts,” such as ads, pictures, feature films, documentaries, television shows, fashion shows, magazines, and literary pieces to investigate the fashion universe from multiple critical perspectives (including history, semiotics, culture, ethnicity, and gender). A specific section will be devoted to explore sustainable fashion. Elena Dall’Acqua, from the Dickinson Staff in Bologna Program, collaborates from Italy to support students’ projects on local resources.

This is the online “magazine” created by the students of the Dickinson Wears Prada course at Dickinson College. For questions, please contact Prof. Nicoletta Marini-Maio at marinin@dickinson.edu

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