Two | Exhibition Piece in Vienna

Week 2: May 21 – May 27, 2017

After settling into my house and being able to provide meals for myself, I felt comfortable to officially begin my internship. The first project that I was supposed to get started on right away is a 3-day Futures Studies conference with over 65 people in Mid-June. My supervisor wanted me to get started on corresponding with participants and contributors of the conference with pre-conference materials. However, the week before my arrival in Antwerp, my supervisor traveled to an uninhabited French-Polynesian island near Tihiti called Me’hetia. She traveled with her partner (who is also my film supervisor) with an artist who wanted to create a film about the island.

The artist wanted to include a video clip of their travels in an exhibition in Vienna, Austria next week. He hired me as his editor for this collaborative piece. I pulled long days of 8 to 10 hours, often getting home around midnight in order to get this piece completed in a week. It was a very different experience because the artist sat next to me while I was editing to maintain his artistic vision. In the past, I had more freedom to edit movies according to my own visions of a particular piece, but this time I had to really listen to what the artist wanted and translate that on screen.

Near the end of our working timeline, we had professional editors and filmmakers come to the office and watch our piece. From them I was able to review my work process like never before. Producing a 20-minute art movie capturing the undisturbed nature on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

One | Internship in Belgium

Week 1: May 17 – May 20, 2017

I arrived in Antwerp after a long airplane and train ride. Since this is my first week here in Belgium, my supervisor gave me free time to settle into my apartment and to tour the city of Antwerp, before I begin my work. The first thing I did was to borrow a bike from my company to use for the summer. In Antwerp, a bicycle is an essential and cheap method to transport yourself through the city. Once I received my bike, I made loops around my apartment area looking for grocery stores, bakeries, restaurants, banks…etc. These are key places that I would need to use frequently and I wanted to make sure that I knew where these places were.


I used the 5W’s to quickly explain my internship and my reason in Belgium:

What | Office administration work and assisting in visual projects on Futures Studies (ie. movies)

Who | Agence Future, an NGO focused on developing, experimenting, and collecting data on the futures and Futures Studies.

Where | Antwerp, Belgium.

When | A 10 week internship from May 17th to July 23rd

Why | I’ve always had a distant interest in Futures Studies. This internship will allow me to learn and understand more about the discipline. I am also a Studio Art major so the visual component of the internship will further my artistic skills and capabilities.

The weather was extremely warm and sunny.
The weather was extremely warm and sunny.