Three | Visiting My Art Work

Week 3: May 28 – June 3, 2017

A few months ago, I was commissioned by Professor Mei-Mei Song from Tamkang University in Taiwan to produce four art works for an exhibition in Belgium. This exhibition is being co-curated by my supervisor and we are also in the process of planning a 3-day conference that incorporates the exhibition itself. The exhibition is called ‘A Temporary Futures Institute‘. It is a group exhibition gathering 4 futurists and 9 artists to produce works on Futures Studies. For those that are unfamiliar with the discipline: Futures Studies is the study of possible, probable, and preferred futures and the world views and myths that underlie them.

I was asked to create four posters/advertisements from the year 2037, based in a possible future twenty years from now. I translated Professor Song’s work/ideas in the discipline into a physical art form. However, I had to create all four posters from overseas on Dickinson’s campus and was unable to attend the opening ceremony in April. This week, I was finally able to see my own work in the Museum of Contemporary Art of Antwerp and document the piece. It was a gratifying experience because I was also able to converse with the museum-goers and to drive discussion on what they think of my work. I will definitely be re-visiting the museum over the course of the summer to try to talk with as much visitors as possible.

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