Production and Distribution

Ichi the Killer (2001) Rated R

Distributed by Media Blasters (USA)

Released September 14, 2001 at the Toronto Film Festival, December 22, 2001 in Japan

Production Company: Omega Project, Omega Micott Inc., Emperor Multimedia Group (EMG), Star Max, Spike Co. Ltd., Excellent Film

Distributors: Media Blasters (USA) (theatrical) (subtitled), Contender Entertainment Group (UK), Prenom H Co. Ltd. (Japan) (all media), Emperor Multimedia Group (EMG) (non-US) (all media) (non-Japan), Filmmuseum Distributie (Netherlands) (theatrical)

Banned in Malaysia, Norway, Germany (uncut version)

Special Effects: OLM Digital

Box Office: Budget $1,400,000 (estimated)

Admissions: 3,067 (2003, Netherlands)

2,984 (2002, Netherlands)

Source: IMDb


Old Boy (2003) Rated R

Distributed by Show East (KR) Tartan Films (US/UK)

Released November 21 2003 (South Korea)

May 15 2004 (Cannes Film Festival)

Production Company: Egg Films, Show East

Distributors: Show East (South Korean) (theatrical), Bac Films (France) (theatrical), Tartan Films (UK/USA) (theatrical), Toshiba Entertainment (Japan) (theatrical), Bright Angel Distribution (Netherlands) (theatrical)

Box Office: Budget $3,000,000

Opening Weekend $85,351 (USA) (15 April 2005) (583 screens)

Gross $2,181,290 (20 December 2013)

Source: IMDb

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