Takashi Miike


Takashi Miike, a once humble, unpaid TV production assistant, has since directed over sixty titles in his career, most stemming from the dark comedy genre (imbd.com). However, Happiness of the Katakuris, one of Miike’s most well-known films, with a budget of approximately $1,500,000 (imbd.com),  includes many elements that are atypical of dark comedies, such as song and dance and claymation. Miike is commonly known for incorporating surrealism into his productions, a clear example being the introduction to Happiness of the Katakuris. However, his surrealism is relatively concealed with other stylistic conventions of dark comedy films: tension-breaking humor, cause-and-effect plot continuation, and, as in The Quiet Family, misdirection. Miike directed Happiness of the Katakuris in such a way that keeps the surrealism present, but denies it from being overwhelming.

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