Both Gojira and The Host focus on the unintended consequences of new varieties of weaponry and caution against the misuse or careless caring for these weapons.  Gojira still maintains an optimism about science, still seeing science as a source of solution to their problems, while The Host seems to view new technology as suspicious and relies on tried and true methods.  Both movies are exemplar of the genre despite the deviations in monster’s defeat (Gojira) and the human response (The Host.

In the end both seek to caution humanity against its own ceaseless march of progress, pleading for humanity to take stock of the situation before moving forward blindly.  Both seek to show the incalculable human cost of unleashing these beasts on our fellow man.  The films also share a common undercurrent of resistance to Western influence, with the only one’s capable of stopping the monsters being the native inhabitants, who must rely on their own inner strength to overcome, instead of a Western interventionist stepping in to kill the beasts.

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