Ecofeminism Deep Dialogues Monday February 21st
East Asian Reading Room, Waider-Spahr Library @ Dickinson College, 5:00pm-6:30pm
Conversation Topic: Please make comments and posts on the Blog ( http://blogs.dickinson.edu/ecofeminism/ ) with any articles/topics you’d like to bring to the discussion! For those unfamiliar with the blog, check it out, write some stuff (if you want to become an author, just shoot me an email), and make suggestions even if you’re a newcomer to the group.
Suggestions for future topics: Continuing the discussion of “What makes a healthy Ecofeminist community?”

Community Building/Consensus
Meditation and Mindfulness Exercises
Ownership vs. Stewardship
Culture of Silence- How do we break the silence?
Who is bringing food: Doni and Rebecca
Please make suggestions of other places to meet if you have any! We will discuss what we think is a good permanent meeting place next week.

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