My Land

How have your thoughts about land and your connection to place changed since the beginning of this course?

I have always either felt strong connections to the land around me or disconnected depending on the location of a certain land. When I find myself thinking about how I felt about the land in Carlisle, I realize there is so much land that is undiscovered for me. Since the beginning of this course, I have only felt strong connections to the Dickinson Farm. It was the only place that I had discovered that really drew me in. When I reflect on how my connections have changed, it seems as if my connections to this land become more angered with the knowledge of understanding ‘our’ soil better.

When we began to read the book Soil Not Oil  by Vandana Shiva and after a presentation by Lindsey, I really began to realize how this “interconnectiveness” of climate change, energy and food are all working together in a way that relies on the other in order to improve the land and this earth. One needs to focus on all aspects before something can actually be changed. I also learned from the beginning of this class that after hearing Lindsey speak about energy and bio-diesel as a solution to help reduce oil dependence, the growing problems and affects of growing corn only for ethanol. It becomes a problem if one is only growing corn to produce ethanol rather than using it for gas, food, etc.

The problem with energy currently on this earth, is that oil is not cheap anymore, it is at it’s peak making it more expensive. We are now drilling for oil in areas that are more dangerous for both the workers and the land/environment around it. This is becoming a huge problem especially with drilling for oil among the Marcellus shale. Oil companies and workers are coming into these small town and destroying their lives and the land surrounding them. Their water is getting contaminated and depleted.


Marcellus Shale drilling. When will this stop?

When will this stop? when will people wake up and realize there are so many solutions and pseudo-solutions to help this earth and at the same time benefit the people with food and energy. I have included a picture of what Marcellus Shale drilling looks like on one’s land.

The things that I value about this land are endless. There is so much beauty and enjoy spending countless hours and days within the wilderness and the land around me. I enjoy mostly the beautiful views the land has created due to science and tectonic plates that have formed mountains and volcanoes.


I want my land without pesticides but instead with wild grass, beautiful mountains where it has been untouched by large companies and without cities trying to expand. I want natures pure beauty.


What I dislike about this land and earth around me is the ways that companies and society has treated it by means of using toxic chemicals that affect not only rodents, water, animals, fish but even people exposed to these pesticides. Everything is a chain and while some may feel that they may never be affected by something because they are eating the right food and doing the right things for the environment. They may be “living downstream” and may not realize until it’s too late to stop their exposure. One has to tackle all sides of the spectrum before one problem can be fixed. What will you do to protect this land?


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