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-Jessica Libowitz

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Overpopulation versus Reproductive Justice: The Ethics of Population Control

As an Environmental Studies major, I tend to blame most of the world’s environmental problems on overpopulation. Overpopulation leads to overconsumption leading to depletion of resources, land, etc.; therefore, my solution to climate change and other environmental issues was population control. It was not until learning about reproductive justice in ecofeminism that I realized that population control is not a foolproof solution, but rather a serious ethical issue. I am choosing to write my final paper on the connection between population control, reproductive justice, and overpopulation as a way to present possible solutions to prevent overpopulation without jeopardizing the rights of women and families to have children.

I plan on researching areas of high population and determining why such areas lack family planning and comparing these areas to less populated areas. This will allow some determination of possible solutions and methods for reducing the rate of population growth. I plan to use ideas from class regarding reproductive justice, climate change, and overpopulation to provide a well-rounded, ecofeminist view on how to combat overpopulation. This issue is extremely important to me because I do believe that population control is necessary to slow the process of climate change; I am very interested to find solutions, ethical methods, and different practices to slow population growth. I do believe that population rates need to decrease, but the ethics behind the cause are far too important.

Picture:  M.M. Kent and K.A. Crews, World Populations: Fundamentals of Growth, 1990, Population Reference Bureau, Washington, D.C.

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A Woman’s Womb: film @ Hampshire about sterilization

PopDev, a think tank at Hampshire College, is hosting this film screening about the sterilization of women in Peru:

May be of interest for final papers or the ongoing discussion about reproductive justice!

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