America’s Recovery

This article discusses U.S.’s economic growth with the Bureau of Economic Analysis recent announcement of the annual pace of different countries. While the U.S. is still in recovery, there is still economic growth compared to the second quarter at 1.3% and this third quarter at 2%. The U.S. is still doing better than Europe, where countries still remain in recession. The article continues to discuss concerns about the global economy and suggestions of how local government should make cuts and be a “small positive contributor to growth rather than the significant drag.” I thought this article was an interesting reaction to the rate of economic progress.

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  1. Jonathan Said,

    November 5, 2012 @ 4:59 am

    I find it interesting that while there is so much complaint about the US having “high” unemployment rates and being in so much debt, this country has a stronger economic growth than most other powerful nations. However, it is surprising to see that the author talks about some of the economic growth coming at the cost of widening the budget deficit and increasing national debt. This is not a very encouraging outline for these times.

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