Is Apple becoming the Microsoft of mobile?


After Apple issued a policy that Apple would only allow the iPhone OS apps which were required to be written in Apple-approved programming language. This claim from Apple obviously asserted that Apple had embarked on the journey to monopoly of this same kind of communication services. The rule effectively prevented other competing platforms including Android, Windows Mobile, and Palm’s Web OS to convert the apps that was written in a third-party code or program language, which made them impossible to compete with Apple. To link this news to our class topic, I would say that Apples’s new policy is a form of restriction that forbids other competitors to share the resource to create the apps, which yield a large amount of profit share to the OS apps service platforms. By monopolizing and controlling the resources to create the apps, Apple is clearly becoming a huge monopoly that dominate the OS apps service industry.


Francis, Zixian Lin

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  1. Isabel B Said,

    November 2, 2012 @ 3:05 pm

    I thought this article was really interesting, and I agree that it is a good example of a monopoly. Apple’s exclusive control over key resources has allowed them to expand their market power and sell more products than their competitors at a higher price.

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