For Buffet, the Long Run Still Trumps the Quick Return

I found this article to be interesting, especially since the last chapter of reading for class was about personal finance (investing & the stock market). The author of this article interviewed Warren Buffett about the current state of the stock market and financial system. He is upset that the market has become more about trading than investing. He argues that it now revolves around brokers making money off of high fees and people trading almost instantaneously ┬áto make a quick and high profit. Buffett’s mentality has always been to invest in solid companies, and invest for the long-haul. However, that is not what players in the market have been doing lately.


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  1. smithran Said,

    December 8, 2012 @ 1:48 am

    This is interesting article of what is going on in our current market. I would have never thought that people are no trading more than investing. It truly is a great surprise. Buffet’s mentality is true, I always thought people invested in companies for the long run because that how they make money of their investments; but i guess i was wrong.

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