The Decline of the Public Good

This article discusses “privatization” and how the trend in spending has fallen to a “do-it-yourself.” Author Robert Reich argues that many “public” goods are becoming (by definition) private goods. He calls on things like tolls for roads, fees for park entrances, and tuition at institutions of higher learning. I think this is interesting because if this is case, doesn’t this mean that the standard of living should rise as well? I do not think the standard of living is rising, so therefore it is fair to argue that the gap between the rich and poor is continuing to spread, now in the public sphere as well.

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  1. JJ Said,

    December 11, 2012 @ 9:29 am

    It is difficult to see this happening and the government not being able to step up and make the adjustments to hold everything together. The middle class continues to fall economically while the upper class continues to enjoy larger paychecks.

    I have always thought about public colleges as private goods for the reason that tuition continues to increase and public and private only really determine the way teaching is approached and controlled.

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