The Events Begin

As the school year gets busier, the Eco-Reps are working hard to plan and host their events.  It’s that time of year when everything really starts to pile up, but I have full faith that the Eco-Reps will be able to pull it off!

A few groups have sent me the proposals for their events, and boy do they sound delicious! Witwer, you better watch out, because the Eco-Reps have some delicious apple crumble coming your way! There are also plans for a pizza party in KW as well as maybe a grilled cheese party in the Quads! Clearly we like food! Plus using a food themed party is a great way to teach residents about Dickinson’s compost which is our theme after all!

Overall, things are really picking up here in the Eco-Reps.  Just because Campus Sustainability Day event is over does not mean the Eco-Reps get to rest!!


One thought on “The Events Begin

  1. Sanna

    Amazing dish . I really like to eat this delicious apple crumble. Apple crumble is also plan in pizza parties. Apple crumble contains a delicious taste of cinnamon’s and apples and makes a scrumptious dessert. Keep posting such wonderful blogs.


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