Wanted: Eco-Reps for Spring 2013

The fall semester is winding down, and for many of us that means that we won’t be coming back to Dickinson in the spring but going on exciting adventures abroad instead! While this is very exciting for those of us going abroad (yep myself included), it also means that we need to find someone to fill our shoes.  Not only do we need new Eco-Reps but we also need a new Eco-Rep supervisor as well!

So if you are interested in becoming a sustainability leader on campus, but don’t have 10 hours a week to put in to being a sustainability intern, consider ECO-REPS!! The Eco-Rep program allows you to spend a few hours a week working with other students on sustainability initiatives as they relate specifically to the residence halls.  Each Eco-Rep is responsible for a residence hall (in the larger ones, multiple Eco-Reps might share one residence hall).  They are responsible for maintaining the compost, their Eco-Reps bulletin board, as well as informing the community through events and outreach about the program and sustainability at Dickinson in general.  We have meetings once a week, and its a time for everyone to catch up with their fellow Eco-Reps about progress, as well as plan events and solve problems that they see in their residence halls.

I should also mention that we will also be hiring a few interns for the spring semester.  If there are any interested Eco-Reps who might want to take on one of these internships, specifically “Leader of the Eco-Reps”, than they should apply!

The application for both internship and Eco-Rep can be found on the CSE webpage.
They are due at 5:00 pm on November 27.


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