End of the Semester…Womp Womp

It’s getting down to the wire, and the Eco-Reps are wrapping things up! In my opinion we have had a rocking semester.  The average number of people at an Eco-Rep event this semester: 25! I’m pretty sure that is doubled from last year.  Way to go Eco-Reps you should be proud.  I was impressed with all of the creative event ideas, and the effort that everyone put in to making this semster awesome.  From Campus Sustainability Day down to the residental hall events, you guys have given your best and it shows! Thanks a bunch!

Today is our end of semester/holiday party at Gaia.  If you have never been to Gaia you should check it out, it is absolutely scrumptious.  I will be giving out awards for the most compost, most detailed audits ect.  It should be good.  It’s a really nice way for everyone to hang out for an hour outside of meeting times and eat some delicious food. I’m pumped.


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