Drumroll Please!

I present to you the Spring 2013 Eco-Reps!

This semester we have our largest group of Eco-Reps ever – 18 returning and 10 new, including a whopping 4 first year students! Check out the 2012 – 2013 Eco-Reps to see who is the Eco-Rep in your residence hall.

For those of you who may not know the role of the Eco-Rep program, it is a group of students who serve as a liaison between the Center for Sustainability Education (CSE) and the student body. These students promote sustainable living behaviors, including composting, decreasing energy and water usage, and reducing waste. Check out our Prezi on the What Is An Eco-Rep? page!

This semester, our focus will be on ENERGY CONSERVATION. March is energy-awareness month on campus… so keep an eye out for any Eco-Reps running around campus shutting down computers and turning lights out on Friday evenings (don’t worry, we feed them)! The Eco-Reps will be able to advise you on ways to cut back on energy usage – utilizing power strips, shutting down your laptop at night, turning down the heat, and (of course) turning off the lights.

This semester, we will be focusing on energy!

But don’t think that energy will be our only focus this semester! The compost bins are back in all of the residence halls, so you can resume turning your organic wastes into nutrient-rich soil for the farm (check out this sweet Dickinson College composting video). There are also boxes in your residential halls for plastic bag recycling – these get turned into park benches (like the one outside DPS). And if you want to know about the new surcharge on water bottles, the goals of Take Back the Tap, or where you can fill up your sweet reusable water bottle (right here!), don’t hesitate to ask your Eco-Rep.


Ready… Set… COMPOST!

These Eco-Reps are ready to rumble. They are all enthusiastic, friendly, and have some pretty interesting personalities. Some things that we learned at Eco-Rep training on Sunday:

If Sam Bogan could sneeze anything other than snot, it would be the flying fairy dust from Peter Pan.

Amber McGarvey has a pretty awesome duck call.

Emily Blau had the opportunity to use the pickup line “you can put a bun in my oven” on a real baker.

Lindsey Lyons (Assistant Director of CSE) once had to pull a pair of pants out of a compost tumbler on campus.

Steve Finley has some sweet dance moves.

Vanessa Ceja-Cervantes thinks that French accents are sexy.

Illana Unger has always wanted to go to Hawaii.

I am pumped to work with the Eco-Reps this semester. They are a really impressive group of people who want to make a difference on campus. I can’t wait to see what we can do!

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