Hit the Lights!

Conserving energy is very cool! At least that’s what these students at Clemson University thought… Check out their energy conservation rap!

You’re Invisible To Me

Remember that there is an Energy Conservation Campaign during the month of March. Dickinson will “Go All Out” on Friday nights – lights will be turned off, computers will be powered down, and more. On March 23rd, there will be a bonfire on Morgan Field to celebrate Earth Hour. Make sure to stop by to say hi to the Eco-Reps!

Earth Hour will be celebrated on March 23rd at 8:30pm around the globe

Turning the lights off not only conserves electricity, but cuts down on light pollution, a problem that we rarely think about. Lights can affect our circadian rhythms (our body’s natural clock), and there are even connections between artificial lights and breast cancer. This summer, Paris will start dimming streetlights, in an attempt to cut back on light pollution. You can read more about it here.


Paris will be dimming the lights this summer

Make sure that you are conserving energy during break! Be sure to power down and unplug your electronics (or utilize your power strips), and turn off the lights before you leave.

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