First Meeting Tomorrow

Eco-Reps are having their first meeting of the semester tomorrow and we are pumped! We have a lot of big plans and we are finally going to be able to get them off the ground.

We are working very hard to expand our connections this year and so we have made two awesome connections that will be great for us.  The first is right on campus with an organisation called SHOP (Student Handiwork for Organized Projects).  “SHOP brings together students, faculty, and college employees to participate in a “skillshare” to create a larger and more able workforce at Dickinson.”  They are a really cool organisation and they have a lot of great projects going on.  They actually just renovated an old house to make into a living space and workshop. My hope is that at least one or two Eco-Rep events incorporate SHOP in some way.  It could definitely be a way of hosting an event that isn’t “too crafty” for people who are interested in up-cycling but not necessarily interested in t-shirt headbands and bottle cap earrings.  SHOP opens a window to build cool up-cycled products from materials found around campus or that people have hanging around.  It is up-cycling geared toward the more handy person.

You can check out SHOP here:

The second really cool connection we are making is with the Elon Eco-Reps.  We are hoping to set up a Skype conference between our two groups so that we can chat about our program set up as well as share ideas, successes, failures etc.  It will be great for us to hear about how other programs are going about pushing sustainability at their school!

but these bottle cap earrings are kinda cool


9 thoughts on “First Meeting Tomorrow

  1. emre

    My girlfriend mentioned about the shop. She want to buy similar earrings. I googled and found the facebook page by the help of you. I will make her happy by the help of you. Thanks a lot. Best regards…

  2. Christine Burns Post author

    Just to clarify, you can’t buy those earrings at SHOP. SHOP is a place where you can develop skills in the handiwork sort of field such as building roofs for bike racks or shelves for your room.

    The earrings are a cool project that Eco-Reps might want to do for one of their events. People could learn to make these earrings for themselves or their girlfriends!

  3. Christine Burns Post author


    These earrings are an item that I found online. They are an example of something that the Eco-Reps might do at their event as an upcycling project. We do not make these earrings nor arethey an original Eco-Rep idea, but simply something that we saw online and thought could be a fun project.

    They are pretty easy to make and I would encourage you to consider looking up how to make them yourself from bottle caps. I am also confident you could purchase them online from a website like etsy.


  4. kurslar

    wow great handmade earrings. i visited the facebook page and see all pieces done. all of them are wonderful. thanks for sharing such an info with us. best regards…


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