Dickinson Skypes Elon

Last week at our meeting, the Dickinson Eco-Reps and the Elon Eco-Reps skyped to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of our respective programs in the hopes that both of our groups can make our programs better.

In many ways, the Elon Eco-Reps have similar struggles to our own Reps.  One interesting difference was that Elon is a much bigger school with a much smaller program.  I definitely think they were impressed by the number of Eco-Reps we have given our size. (GO DICKINSON SUSTAINABILITY!!) I told them, that Dickinson’s commitment to sustainability definitely attracts a crowd that is interested in the topic as well as mobilized to make Dickinson even better.

One really cool thing that the Elon program does, is that they give lessons in classes (predominately first year, I think).  From what I could gather, they work for both campus-wide sustainability as well as residence halls sustainability.  The Dickinson crew is definitely more focused in the residence halls, which may simply be a factor of where Dickinson needs the most work.


RedBikes_20130823_4637 On a completely different note, I am currently working on a poster that will be presented at a conference called PERC (Pennsylvania Environmental Resource Consortium).  Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the conference myself but one of the other CSE interns will be present on behalf of the Eco-Reps.  Many CSE interns were once Eco-Reps and I am confident in their ability to represent us well..

Making this poster has really gotten me to think about what it means to be an Eco-Rep at Dickinson which is awesome.

I am really excited to make the actual poster because next week I will be attending a Photoshop workshop for CSE and I will hopefully be able to use the tools I learn there to make a really good poster!!

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