What is an Eco Rep?


bannerEco-Reps are assigned to a residence hall and should serve for at least a year at a time. At Dickinson College, our value of the Neighborhood Model allows Eco-Reps to work outside of their assigned residence hall as well, with other residences in a neighborhood, in order to enhance sustainable living among Dickinson’s residents.

Our Eco-Reps can be any class, any major, and come from any background. We support selecting a diverse group of students to serve, and new opportunities open every semester. We attempt to place Eco-Reps in the buildings where they live, but often there are challenges that make aligning these two details difficult.

Eco-Reps are directed by the student supervisor, housed in the Center for Sustainability Education. The Center for Sustainability Education promotes learning and action by members of the Dickinson College community for creating a sustainable world. Our vision is for every Dickinson graduate to have the competencies and dispositions to help make the world a better place – a world that is socially just, economically vibrant, and environmentally sustainable.

To see the vision, mission, and goals of the Eco-Rep program, please refer to our manual.

One thought on “What is an Eco Rep?

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    What a fantastic idea to have Eco Rep, I wish they had they when i went to school. I really like the idea of schools an uni’s now days making an effort to incorporate sustainability into there school work and life at college. I glad because its there future that they are working towards.
    Well done. I am very pleased.


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