Industry Roundup

Top TV/Film on Netflix (As of July 2, 2020)

  1. Floor Is Lava
  2. Eurovision
  3. George Lopez: We’ll Do It For Half
  4. The Order
  5. Da 5 Blood
  6. Crazy Delicious
  7. Feel the Beat
  8. The Nut Job
  9. Dark
  10. Gaspar Noe’s Love

EU’s ban on Americans does not include filmmaker

Even though the European Union has allowed travel to its countries, it has prohibited countries like the US from visiting. This ban on the US and other countries like Brazil is due to their poor response to the coronavirus. Because the EU’s decision is not enforced, many European countries can choose to allow visitors from these countries. Countries like Hungary and the Czech Republic are eager to have international visitors, even from the US, to start filming in their countries again. To read more, click here.

Oscar changed voting policies and increased its voting community

This past week, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science updated its voting policy. First, the Academy gave voting rights to agents, who were always a part of the Academy but could never vote. Next, the Oscars added another 819 members to its community. This number is slightly less than last year, where 842 people were invited. These new members are a part of the Oscars’ goal to become more inclusive as many of the invited members come from underrepresented communities. To read more about agents being added, click here. To read more about Oscars’ diversity effort, click here.

Movies Theaters to Remain Close Due to COVID Spike

Though theaters were expected to reopen, the date has been pushed back again. Due to spikes in many states, theaters and other businesses are either being told to close again or to still remain close. The first film expected to be shown in theaters was Warner Bros’ Tenet, but it was pushed back to Mid-August. Now, the first film planned to be shown in the theaters is Disney’s Mulan with a date of July 24th. To read more, click here

Hollywood asked US Gov’t for help

High-ranking communities from the film industry have written to Congress asking for help with the coronavirus. This letter, signed by members of SAG, the Directors Guild, the Motion Picture Association, and many other groups, hopes that Congress would adopt policies to help rejuvenate film production. Some of the policies they would like from Congress including more rebates from domestic productions and tax credits for companies hiring workers. To read more, click here.

Broadway to remain shut down until the new year.

Movie theaters are not the only theaters suffering from COVID-19. Broadway is offering refunds to all tickets for shows from now to January 3rd. While there isn’t a set date for when Broadway will return or how they might accommodate patrons when it reopens, the decision was the right one to make. Now many productions will not resume until 2021 like Les Misérables and some plays have chosen not to resume at all when Broadway reopens like Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf. To read more, click here

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons