At the finish line

And just like that, it’s mid-August! I’ve finished my internship at 310 Publishing and have a week at home before coming back to campus for pre-Orientation. Having the week to decompress has given me plenty of time to think about what I’ve accomplished this summer, how it fits into my professional trajectory, and what I want to do moving forward.

What I did: This summer, I wrote the text for two features in the magazine, and edited articles for three other departments. I also researched and wrote an original 1,200-word piece that will run in the online edition of America in WWII. In addition, I did some copyediting and captioning work for the print edition just before it was sent to the publisher.

How I used my skills: On campus, I work as a writing center tutor and as an editor on the Dickinsonian. As a result, I spend a good chunk of each day working with writers to improve their messages. I did a substantial amount of editing this summer and was happy to have experience that let me feel confident in my work.

Where I want to go next: This is the second summer I’ve worked in publishing, and both experiences have reinforced my desire to work in journalism instead. My internship search was a valuable learning experience for me this year, since I realized how difficult it is to break into the journalism industry without having some coursework or connections to the field. I’ve started to think more seriously about MA programs in journalism (something I had turned my nose up at before) as a way to sharpen my skills and build my network.

I had a great summer at 310 publishing, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the networking tools and grant opportunities from the Dickinson Career Center. Thank you to everyone who made my internship experience possible!

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