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The Coat Room Scene: Lily’s Perspective

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—Is it snowing again, Mr. Con-ner-roy?  asked Lily.

A snide smirk spread across Gabriel’s lips, making Lily’s face flush.  Lily was annoyed by his pretentiousness, but she was too stubborn to show that coming from a lower class than him embarrassed her.  She had known Gabriel since she was a little girl, and understood even during her childhood that his life would always be very different from her own.

—Yes Lily, he answered, I think we’re in for a night of it.

Lily watched his eyes flit around the room.  She wondered if he paid this little attention to everyone he talked to.

—Tell me Lily, do you still go to school?  Gabriel asked.

—O no, sir, she answered, I’m done schooling this year and more.

—O then, said Gabriel, I suppose we’ll be going to your wedding one of these fine days with your young man, eh?

Lily gawked at his foolishness, at his total lack of understanding.  She was infuriated by how little he thought of her.  Did he really think she was foolish enough to believe the hollow claims of all the men she had met?  The last thing she would do is succumb to that level of ignorance, simply because it would prove to all of the men like Gabriel that they were right.

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