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So I’ve now finished with my internship at RIC-NET, and it has been an incredible experience. I’m not sure which I’ve learned more from; actually being able to work with this local organization or simply having the chance to live on my own in Africa for a summer.


Reflecting on everything I’ve done this summer, it’s odd to think that that I’ll be going back home, I’ve really gotten used to life in Fort Portal – something that in the first couple of weeks, I never thought would happen. Despite the obvious conveniences of the USA, there’s a lot to miss about Uganda. The people are friendly and accommodating, there’s a motorcycle taxi on every corner ready to take you anywhere you need to go for the equivalent of about 20 cents, you always know where to find fresh samosas or passionfruit juice, and the landscape is absolutely beautiful. I never had any doubt that I would miss the place, but I also had never thought about exactly what I would miss.


On the business side, I’ll miss all of the people at RIC-NET, they were very welcoming and eager to help me learn all about what they do. The office culture is certainly different from what I’ve been used to in the US, but I’m lucky to have the new perspective.


Thanks very much to Dickinson College, especially Dickinson’s Career Center for giving me a grant to do this internship, and making the entire experience possible; I’ve grown tremendously from it.

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