Settling In

July 12th, 2013

After this week I officially feel as if I am a part of the work place. I have been busy nonstop at work, and I am at the point where I am being assigned multiple work projects at a time. When I first started my internship I would finish one task and then ask for more. But this week along with my daily tasks (sending documents and email reminders to students to send in the rest of their information needed from them before they embark on their exchange, and adding this information to our databases), I have been assigned three projects to complete before the farewell orientation for Chileans leaving to go on their exchange, and the welcome orientation for arriving exchange students to Chile.

My first task is translating materials. One of the materials I am in the midst of translating are instructions on how to use Rosetta Stone; for both students, and also for our office use to keep track of students progress as they are learning a new language. This is important, since Rosetta Stone is being used for the first time this year and these documents will be used for the following years as well. I am finding this task to be a great chance to show my proficiency in both English and Spanish. Also while I have been translating these documents, I am now able to understand how to use Rosetta Stone, and I am teaching both my colleagues and answering students questions.

My Second task is helping prepare orientation materials; such as designing booklets, name tags and certificates for students. This gives me a chance to practice designing templates on word, photoshop, and I am also learning how to work with excel. When I showed both the certificates and nametags for this weekends A.F.S. volunteers training, my co-workers gave me recommendations and my supervisor was very pleased with my final project.

Lastly I am working with a co-worker on reviewing prospect host family’s information and candidate’s information to make sure that they are combatable to live together.

All of these tasks along with other quick assignments have increased my workload and are also making me feel like I am part of the work place. While it is a challenge, I am really enjoying this aspect because it is a sign to me that both my co-workers and my boss are pleased with my work. Furthermore, when I complete one task or part of a task I enjoy hearing recommendations from my co-workers and feeling accomplished with the final project.

On thursday, we start our training for A.F.S. volunteers in Chile. I am also excited to help carry out an orientation that I have helped plan and see my materials put to use. Furthermore while I will be helping out, as a new member of the work place in A.F.S. I am sure it will be a great chance for me to learn more about the organization. I am excited, as always, to continue growing in the work place and continue learning during the rest of my time at my internship.

Here are the name tags that I designed for one of our orientations


This is the A.F.S. Chile National Office and also my workplace 🙂IMG_1923

My desk at work!


More pictures to come! I hope you are enjoying my blog 🙂


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