Week 8- Last Day

I’m writing this post on the last day of my summer internship at CEI. As Erin and I feverishly try to put the finishing touches on the Maine Policy Review paper, I’m thinking about how lucky I’ve been to have this experience. I want to thank Dickinson again for the grant I received to take on this (un-paid) position. I don’t know if I’ll come back to CEI next summer, but certainly down the road I’d be open to it. I’ve made strong connections here that will serve me well as I seek potential post-grad employment in the impact investing field (or policy research?). So I guess this is what they meant by networking… As I move into senior year mode, it feels good to have a clearer idea of what interests me as a career, and it feels even better to know I’m well equipped to make an impact in the workplace and towards social justice. See ya back on campus!

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