Week 8: Love Every Minute

Now that I’ve settled back in at home, I have begun to reflect on my eight weeks interning at the State Department. My conclusion: it was the best experience of my life. When else am I going to meet ambassadors, attend hearings on the Hill, work with an Assistant Secretary, process paperwork for an entire bureau, organize an event for an entire bureau, and sit at a table with an Undersecretary to discuss US nuclear policy regarding Russia…all while being intrigued by the work I am doing and enjoying the people with whom I work?

Dickinson played a large role in making my summer experience possible. First, it was Dickinson that provided me with the opportunity to intern at the United States Army War College. Here, I worked for a career member of the Senior Foreign Service who encouraged me to apply for a summer internship at the State Department.

Second, Amity Fox in the Career Center informed me of the internship grant program that helps fund some of the costs associated with having a summer internship in a different city. Without having to worry about rent or money for food, I was able to explore D.C. in professional, fun, and interesting ways.

Third, Dickinson gave me the skills to succeed in a professional environment. My professors have pushed me to think critically about some of today’s most important issues. It is a sound, liberal-arts education that prepared me to work with high levels of leadership on foreign policy issues.

I hope my advice throughout the summer will be helpful for any young professional interested in pursuing a summer internship in D.C.

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