Ware Collage

This / book / is / an abstract / comic book / of / multi-faceted complexity / and ambiguity. / It is / different and sometimes /  its language is vulgar. / It would be easy to dismiss this book’s author as a complete lunatic, to point out the / extremely dense / , /complex and ambiguous nature of his / Works / is just / so upsetting / and / a hard thing to think about. / When a westerner first views / the book/ it is not unusual for them to be slightly confused. / this book / doesn’t follow the writing conventions that western audiences are used to. The Bible, the religious text that the western world is probably most familiar with, tends to move textually in a linear fashion. It follows a single train of thought, whether that is a story or a moral pronouncement, from start to finish. / this work / doesn’t do that. / In a single chapter of the / comic book / three or four topics may be covered at once, the narrative stream jumping back and forth between them as the chapter progresses. This makes total sense when one interprets / it as / a prophetically delivered collection of poetry. / Thus it / may be unpalatable for some readers / but there is so much / for curious outsiders / to see / in this rambunctious book. /

But if /the author / is to be considered a serious / writer and not just a crafter of popular fiction, what does he have to say? / He tries to / look at the life / the way that / it / really is / with all / its /existential / hardship / and alienation. / It is/ more/ honest / than other / comic book/ s /. It makes one / see the / these characters/ as/ real people, and not hypothetical farmers as a demographic but individual people. / He demonstrates that / comic book /s/ are not just / about / jeep chases, explosions, guns, beer, extra-marital sex, and conspiracy. They are not / only about/ a narrative that allows / men / to escape from the boundaries that society has placed on / them /.

Snippets from: Opening Locks and Slipping Restraints, Fatherhood and the Art of Being Manly, Jihad in Classical and Modern Contexts, A Shift in Power Relations, Trouble in Pastoral Paradise, Israeli Culture in Waltz with Bashir, A Guide to Good Living, Bruce’s Backyard Escape, Farm Reflection, Ecocriticism Research Paper, Chaucer and the Rise of the Churls, Suggestibility, Decision-making, A Strange Sort of Symbiosis, and Uncertainty in Diction Betrays Ambiguity of Identity