Narrative account of Chris Ware’s ACME Novelty Library


The non-narrative./ Engagement is key to its/ blossoming./ The freedom to interact./Not a/ ‘showing’ of ideas but an ‘engaging’./ To/see our multiplicity of consciousness,/that without the limited, false,/ expectation-filled vision/ of the narrative./ so that/ I,/ the audience/reader,/ sincerely affect how/ it resolves./ I/solicit/and/sustain/the/ability of this art./Where/ the answer is harnessing/the/visual design to support/the/overall vision. Otherwise/to capture this hidden human experience, which can only be achieved through an art form that is sung, seen tasted, written./The awakening.

Essays Used:

*Criticism and Theory of Art Analysis Paper#1

* The Age of Modern Dance, 1920-To Present

* Interview and Narrative of Doctor Sarlin, Psychiatrist and Dream Analyst