Important Artifacts of (What I consider) a Fuctional Relationship

I am taking a page out of Shapton’s book (not literally!) and documenting my relationship through objects. But unlike Lenore and Harold’s, my relationship is not caustic. Therefore I have consciously not assigned prices to these objects because they are currently invaluable to me, and one doesn’t even exist anymore. Hopefully this won’t destroy my boyfriend’s street cred.

These were the cups of frozen yogurt we talked over the night before I left to come up and start my senior year at Dickinson. This frozen yogurt place has since become a favorite date option when I am back at home.

This was a package I received from my boyfriend during the first week of classes. It was a doodled-on Chinese food box with 30 hershey kisses inside. I ate one a day for a month. To be explained with following image.
 This is the note that accompanied the hershey kisses, explaining that there were 30 kisses in the box so he could give me a kiss every day until he came up to visit me at Dickinson in a month.
This bear was a present from my boyfriend when I popped home for a weekend spontaneously before SPX. The bear has been named waffles due to our affinity toward breakfast food. He is subject to a lot of cuddling, aka strangling, as I try to fall asleep.
I made this lasagna from a recipe written in Italian, given to me by my host family from Bologna. I made it for dinner the first time my boyfriend came up to visit me. It received rave reviews.