Looking back and looking forward

Dear Sister,

These are the shirts I wanted to get you  for your birthday,

But I got you this instead. Remember? We had great discussion about one of our  favorite authors, and the transformation of her text from marriage to zombies.

Looking forward to the holidays, I stepped back to remember last year’s festivities. I made these pies, and arranged them on the kitchen counter during Thanksgiving last year. Our sister was sad, from a fight she had earlier that day with her boyfriend, so we cheered her up.


Soon we will be getting ready for this year’s dinner. I’ll make the salad,

Dad will pick the wine.

The mood will be set.
I’m sorry I won’t be seeing you this year for Thanksgiving, but I’m excited to see the rest of our family in a few days. I know you have a long trip though, so don’t forget to strap everybody in for a safe trip!

Love, your Sister