Broken Items that I Refuse to Let Die, or Presents I’ve Received Over the Years

November 27, 2012 in Experiment #6-Object Lessons

Here are some of my favorite gifts and collections from the past few years.  In making a list of meaningful presents I’ve received, I have realized that I reliably break and lose shit.  In fact, this is only an abridged list of things that have been lost or broken over the years, as some things are too lost or broken to ever be photographed.  But these presents remain important to me:

The Taquitos Pillar – This pillar in my apartment is a monument to all the Taquitos that have been consumed by my current and past roommates over the last two years.  The wall began in the Fall Semester of 2011, though this is not the full collection – some boxes were confused for garbage somehow and up to five of the originals have been lost, never to be recovered.  These were not exactly gifts, but one of my suitemates from last year would save Taquito boxes and slide them under my door if I was not present for their consumption (This includes the red Steak Taqutios box that I would never partake of).

Andy Boots – These are a hand-me-down from a friend back home, given to me in near perfect condition.  They have since been through two different soles and are clearly on the brink of death, having lost their original architectural integrity.

Cat Measuring Cups – These were a birthday present this summer for my first kitchen.  Tails and paws have been lost, but the set still lives on to ccasionally measure stuff.

Tumblers – This is a gift I gave to my roommate.  Picture shows a set of eight, though it began this semester as a set of ten.  Two have been broken on two separate occasions, both by me (one was dropped in the sink and one was accidentally punted).  The set is still very much in use, though I don’t go near it anymore.

My Favorite Mug (this is not my picture but it is the same mug) – I was given this same Conan mug probably around the age of twelve by one of my brothers.  I used to watch the show every night at 12:30, occasionally even watching a repeat episode at 3:30.  Since there’s an age limit on attending a Conan show, all my siblings went and brought me back this mug.  Freshmen year of college, the handle was broken by me.  I glued it back together with Gorilla glue and it lived on for two more years.  After a horrific and unforgettable incident with a dead stinkbug last year before my London Stories final, the mug has been temporarily retired.  I think someday I’ll buy one of his TBS mugs.
Leather Jacket – This was my jacket for much of last year, though an inexplicable hole to the left armpit put it out of commission.  It was fixed once and then memorably ripped in the same exact spot when I bent over to tie my shoe before a midnight finals week trip to the Carlisle Diner where  I ordered their Sausage Biscuits over Gravy  dish (or maybe it’s Sausage Gravy over Biscuits) for the first and last time.  The hole was fixed for the second time last week, though the wound threatens to reopen.


Lion Earrings – This is one of the best presents I’ve ever received from my friend in the winter of 2009.  I wore them every day for two months.  One night, a pair of earmuffs dislocated the back from the  left earring, never to be found again.  My friend and I spent over an hour outside with my RA’s outrageously ineffective wind-up flashlight in the freezing winter trying to find it.  We think it’ll turn up on the ground at some distant reunion years from now.  I later bought a replacement on eBay, so I have three lion earrings now.  The two on the left are worn reguarly – the middle lion was the original right earring received Christmas of 2009.