Adam Object lessons

This is the sun that we looked at together when I first entered the world. It is the source of my vitality and I hold it up for the world to see, world within worlds, light within light. A symbol of our friendship. I am older now and stronger, but the light within never changes and never grows old. It will outlast the sun.

The moon is not so different from the sun, two sides of the same circle. How many nights and days have we shared together? I remember the mystery of the universe, the eternal rotation, all things coming together. Strange dreams, prophetic visions, who am I, and did that guy actually walk up there? I hope you don’t think we are arrogant or our dreams rise too high?

Can clouds be an object? Can a man be an object? My head is always in the sky with you, sometimes I feel like I don’t belong here. Is dusk more beautiful than dawn, and is there really a difference? If nature is a cycle which never ends and humanity is a part of nature than humanity is a failed cycle, a broken circle, a dull reflection of the eternal principle.

This is the cross where I grew up in Sewanee, I think I used to live there. How cliche, how symbolic and unnatural! I’ve spent a lot of time here in the past, looked at it as I drove to class, it passed by too fast and rhymes and pictures, objects and nature, all seem to vanish when I think of you. They can’t contain even myself, but maybe I need to be limited or maybe a life without limitation is too terrifying and so I have to try and remember. I have to know where I am, where I’ve been, and where I’m going. I can’t get lost or fade into the night.









Eden E

Eve bends the tree, ends Eden then gets sent where these men sneeze presently. Self centered, he never rejects the tempter, never repents, never redeems. The serpent revels, the men fell where the embers swelter, where the gentle breeze never enters. The eel the bee the elk the sheep the ferret the wren, they resent men, they reverse Eden, the secret serpent sect! Remember Eden, lewd men! Never let sleek trees, even Eve, tempt! Else be sent where the serpent dwells where the redeemless men never re-emerge.