“E” Es Eet.


‘Normeel’ menteel heelth

He knew the weey.

the weey into the feel, peel, reel


Gewd sense,

Greet strength

‘Normeel’ menteel heelth


Help me

The elder men reele beleeved he ‘knew’

He wees jest enetheer ‘leek of the week’….

En theet ees EET??



Constraint to I

It isn’t inviting, limiting this in I’s. I sit, I think, is it fitting? “Knitting in bright lights is insipid!” I insist. Finding things with I’s is inhibiting. I find I’m wishing fish into swimming fits. Writing strings. I’m sighting sniffling pigs, flicking filth. I’m mimicking birds singing. I’m whistling with instinct. I’m miming living things. It fits within limits. This is skimpish lit.


“O” Constraint

This definitely proved to be a challenge.

Wrong words so forlorn or told too short for good sobs. Molls mistook for God plot to roost scorn from crooks. Wrong words go told from old crook Moms or Pops, to poll rock, hot crotch dolls. So forlorn. Gold world words shoot scorch sobs of doom from pop fools to smoky cosmos. Hoodoo. Bottom mojo blooms. Told only of crow sobs for two old moons. Boom. Wrong words mistook, so forlorn. Goof. God or dog. Mom or trollop.  Worth?