Experiment #6: Stapler

Johnny carefully filed away the papers into one single stack, measuring each up and placing them underneath the stapler. The simple machine’s buck teeth bit down hard onto the papers and released a single staple, bringing the items together in one neat pile. The handle was well-worn from use, befitting Johnny’s job as a file clerk and storage manager. Everything kept neatly together, everything in their own individual pile. Johnny carefully cleaned his teeth with his finger before opening up the stapler, making sure that it hadn’t run out, so that it could keep working. The slide holding the staples in place slid back and forth as he opened up the top and closed it repeatedly. He closed the stapler, happy that it was sufficiently loaded with staples, and placed another stack of papers between its metallic teeth, preparing to slam down his hand on top of it and release another staple to bind the papers together.