Various Artifacts Found in Crystal’s Bedroom

Lot 001. Framed photograph of Crystal and her friends wearing 8 different college tshirts corresponding to the different colleges they would be attending. Taken in August 2012. Sits on Crystal’s desk.


Lot 002. Antique jewelry bought in the last few years. Includes pearl necklace, pearl-and-garnet ring, and silver bracelet. Links on bracelet are coming loose. Ring is adjustable to size.


Lot 003. Daily Makeup. (Pictured from left) includes Victoria’s Secret gold shimmer eyeshadow, E.l.f. black liquid eyeliner, Ulta 4-pack eyeshadow palette (with taupe, golden brown, dark brown, and black, though golden brown is nearly empty), N.Y.C. liner pencil in jet black, Dior Show mascara in jet black, and a slanted eyeshadow brush.


Lot 004. Empty pill bottles. Found on Crystal’s dresser.



Lot 005. Hand-sewn elephant pillow. Made by Crystal in the summer of 2011 when she thought she was going to die of boredom. One side is navy pattern with pink felt ear. Opposite side is pink pattern with navy felt ear. Sits on Crystal’s bookshelf, unless she finds the time to make her bed, in which case it sits on her bed.


Lot 006. Disposable wooden spoon from Anthropologie. Given to Crystal by a friend in the winter of 2011 because they “felt weird to eat with”.  Has been taped to the wall next to her bed since then.


Lot 007. Halloween Card given to Crystal by a friend in late September 2012. Message on front reads “Holy Sheet”. Message inside card reads “it’s halloween!” Message from friend reads: “hehehe….I feel like you’ll either really love or really hate this card but I thought it was funny! I hope you’re having a fun and safe and studious junior year so far!! I miss you, I need to come up and visit and meet Nick! Okay bye love you! –Your favorite Baltimore resident.”


Lot 008. Dreamcatcher. Given to Crystal by a friend in the fall of 2011. Red and blue beads and blue feathers. Sits above the head of Crystal’s bed. Some feathers have fallen off.


Lot 009. Postcard from London featuring Buckingham Palace. Given to Crystal by a friend studying abroad in England in the fall of 2012.