Eunoia Review


My peers were perplexed by the pervertedness. The strengths and strengthlessnesses est  entrenched deep. The beefy legend beseeched feeling.  The themes emerged – demented sex, lewdness.  Encrypted were endless belle tweets, velvet cheeky verses.  The messenger went sleepless, cheerless weekends, wrestling werds.  He blended berserk energy. The end delved deep – dysentery emerged.  He encysts the term – “belles pensées” est le sens.




ACME Review Collage


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Collage Review of Ware’s Acme Novelty Library

I honestly don’t know what to make of this.


For starters/ I’ve read through this/ collection/ multiple times,/ and/ while/ characters are written well/ contrary to almost all of the other/ stories/ I/ hesitate/ to/ give an impression/that/ is clarified beyond all reasonable doubt./


While a large majority/ of/ the book speaks/ as though/ it/ has/ characters that the reader should not take very seriously/. The worlds and characters that had been set up in these comics/ are/ actively trying to force the reader to encounter/ an eclectic mix of comic stories/ to the / point/ of it /becoming/ unreadable/ pulp.




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