Seeding the Future Conference, October 14th-15th at Dickinson College Co-sponsored by the Farm and Center for Sustainability Education A collective sigh of relief echoes throughout the farm today. We did it! Our dedicated group effort succeeded in hosting and executing “the-first-of-its-kind” College Farm conference this weekend! Seeding the Future was a smashing success; from the break in the weather on […]

Crops of Connection

Crops of Connection Dickinson Magazine October 3, 2011 Rachel Winner ’09 Riding the trains through the Chinese countryside during a Dickinson summer program, I always concentrated on the farmers trudging through the rice marshes behind their yaks and carts. These marsh marchers are the foundation of Chinese society—they grow the food placed on every table at every meal all across […]

Here’s the Beef

Here’s the Beef Dickinson Website By Brett Shollenberger ’11 October 3, 2011 Out at the Dickinson College Farm, it’s cow day. It’s hot, and the sky is clear. Jenn Halpin, director of the farm, stands in a dirt path that cuts through acres of perennial forages, taking pictures. To the north and extending out to the west are 12 acres, […]