I enjoyed all the forward motion of this week, including looking over Roberta’s rankings and prioritization categories of the potential partner farm master list, speaking to Margot from soon-to-be-certified Pennypack Farm & Education Center, and scripting a draft for outreach phone calls to mid-Atlantic educational and research-based farms. With respect to the rankings, some farms scored better than others, as […]

On the Farm: Local Food Dinner Wrap-Up

On the Farm By William Seward ‘12 Opinion Section, The Dickinsonian March 28, 2012 The ninth annual Local Food Dinner was truly a moment we had all been waiting for. Last Saturday, March 24, 80 Dickinson students and 45 faculty members joined 60 local farmers and community leaders with their families to share a decadent feast composed of local ingredients […]

March Garden Tips

March Garden Tips by Ann Dailey, Master Gardener and Dickinson College Community Garden Manager March is a great bridge month: it’s not quite winter anymore, and yet it is still too cold to plant. However, March is a great time to get a handle on weeds and to get your plot ready for the season. You may have already noticed […]

Check out our calendar for more info about how to sign up for the mock inspection. What happens when 20 professional farmers convene on one farm to hear about a certification process? Will they be taking copious notes or will they wander off through the fields (there was talk of using a hay wagon–sometimes people need to be herded, too, […]

Will the Real Green Colleges Please Stand up?

Will the Real Green Colleges Please Stand up? Natural Resources Defense Council By Lee Epstein March 21, 2012 In the middle part of the past decade, “sustainability” became somewhat of a “college craze” – that is, for ever-competitive college administrators.  Lots of schools jumped on the “green” bandwagon, though some had already been leading the parade for some time.  Others, […]

Energy Efficiency: How green is your college? American University scores in new rating system E & E Publishing By Lacey Johnson March 20, 2012 To the untrained eye, there is nothing extraordinary about American University’s 84-acre Washington campus; but according to several rating systems, what’s happening there is making the school one of the “greenest” educational institutions in the country. […]

Next semester (Fall 2012), Jenn Halpin and Matt Steiman will co-teach “The Pleasure, Politics and Production of Food”, a 300-level course in the Environmental Studies Department at Dickinson College. Course description: The “Pleasures, Politics and Production of Food” aims to provide students with a full-spectrum experience in what it means to be a farmer in the 21st century. Students will […]

On Monday, March 12th, Local Food Dinner tickets will go on sale to the general public. After just one week of sales (a presale for Dickinson students only), we are well on our way to selling out before the end of next week! If you already signed up for our Local Food Dinner notification list, you will be one of […]

Otterbein Acres Open Barn this Saturday

It’s lambing season! Come see the lambs and much more at Otterbein Acres’ Open Barn day this Saturday, 3/10, in Newburg, PA!      

I compiled a preliminary list of potential Partner Farms that we should consider inviting to the Mock Inspection event (taking proximity into account). The list includes college farms/facilities, urban farms, and nonprofit organizations. I found more potential Partner Farms by searching “teaching farm” and “demonstration farm” (idea brought to you by Roberta). Even by casting such a wide net, I was […]