Fall 2012 Course: The Pleasure, Politics and Production of Food

Next semester (Fall 2012), Jenn Halpin and Matt Steiman will co-teach “The Pleasure, Politics and Production of Food”, a 300-level course in the Environmental Studies Department at Dickinson College.

Course description:

The “Pleasures, Politics and Production of Food” aims to provide students with a full-spectrum experience in what it means to be a farmer in the 21st century. Matthew SteimanStudents will explore theories and practices of sustainable food production plus learn about issues facing farmers and consumers, from field to farmers’ market. Woven into the course will be hands-on learning opportunities in food preparation and preservation, providing a well-rounded immersion into food, from “seed to plate”. Students can expect to spend time learning on campus, in the fields at the College Farm and other local venues.

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