Saturday 5/26: Learn how to create habitat that supports beneficial insects and other organisms!

Sunflower and a bee on Dickinson Farm. Photo courtesty of Melinda Schlitt.Saturday, May 26th: Landscaping for the Birds and the Bees
Dickinson College Farm, 553 Park Dr., Boiling Springs, PA
$5 suggested donation (or any lesser amount that you can afford)
Kids under age 16 are free!
Register today!

Jenn Halpin, Dickinson Farm Manager, and Scott Hoffman, student researcher and 2012 farm apprentice will be leading this in-depth workshop. Jenn and Scott will impart their wisdom on simple ways that gardeners can integrate habitat in their gardens that support native pollinators and other beneficial organisms. Workshop participants will have the opportunity to see and learn about “proven” habitats, as well as experimental landscaping that serve as hubs for beneficial critters like native bees, toads, and predatory insects. The Dickinson College Farm has implemented unique Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies on the farm over the years. In addition to learning about establishing habitat for IPM, participants will also learn how to assess farm and garden insect inventories through scouting techniques.

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