August 25th: Pest Walk with Guest Presenter, Steve Bogash!

August 25th: Pest Walk
Steve Bogash, Regional Horticulture Educator, Penn State Cooperative Extension

PASA Youth Field Day at Dickinson College Farm. Photo Credit: Matthew O'Haren, SentinelRain or shine!

$5 suggested donation
Everyone is welcome, from beginners to advanced pest pioneers.

Directions to Dickinson College Farm

As undesirable as they may be, pests and diseases are part of our ecosystem, and their presence or absence can offer important messages about our gardens and farms. How do we decode these messages? As holistic gardeners and farmers, what can we add to our toolbox that is both environmentally responsible AND effective when we are faced with a pest problem or disease? What are the latest solutions that are revolutionizing organic vegetable and fruit production?

Don’t miss this chance to take a closer look at some of the issues on the Dickinson Farm and hear an expert’s suggestions for the best holistic materials and techniques to prevent – or get around – each problem.

More about Steve Bogash

Steve BogashAs Penn State Cooperative Extension’s Regional Horticulture Educator for Southeast Pennsylvania, Steve wears the many hats of teacher, trial garden manager, presenter, author and media resource. From local newspapers and blogs to national publications and popular websites like, Steve’s expertise is widely sought-after. Among his areas of focus are vegetables, small fruit, cut flowers, greenhouse vegetables, and specialty marketing. Steve’s trial gardens are legendary in the gardening and farming communities. He has produced more than 300 tomato varieties in trials! Evaluating that many varieties of tomatoes for flavor, appearance, disease resistance and general usability has made Steve very opinionated when it comes to this beloved garden staple.

If your prize veggies or fruits are not thriving and your friends respond with quizzical stares when you ask, “What can I do?!”, Steve Bogash is the one that could come up with an effective, holistic approach that you may have missed. With encyclopedic knowledge of everything from strawberries and muskmelons to bell peppers and shallots, he balances complex variables to maximize his students’ success and continually expand the toolboxes of people who like to grow food for their own – and others’ – tables!

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