It’s time for Farm Aid 2012!

We’re participating in Farm Aid 2012, and we can’t wait! While you’re there, tweet us: #farmaid2012 – #dcfarm – #farmersrock!farm aid 2012 logo

  • Jenn Halpin is one of three PA farmers who will be participating in the 12:00pm Press Event with Dave Matthews, Willie Nelson, Neil Young and John Mellencamp. The Executive Director of PASA, Brian Snyder, will be the moderator. Farm Aid wants to highlight Jenn’s perspective on working with young people who might be going into careers as farmers! This panel is only open to attendees with press passes. Carl Socolow, Dickinson College Photographer, and MaryAlice Bitts-Jackson, Writer/Editor, will be attending this press event!
  • Our four Farm Apprentices  – Scott Hoffman, Claire Persichetti, Anna Farb and Daniel Grover – all members of the Dickinson Class of 2012 – will be presenting an interactive display in the Farm Aid Homegrown Village from 12pm-5:30pm.

Image: Rebecca Robertson, PASA“SOIL: From Top Down to Bottom Up”
Presented by: Dickinson College Farm, Boiling Springs, PA
Healthy soil is fundamental to success in sustainable food production. The Dickinson College Farm delights in sharing lessons learned through farm research plus trial and error. Visit the exhibit, meet some red wrigglers, and learn about building soil through food waste, worms, livestock and green manures.

  • Jenn and Matt will be co-teaching in the Homegrown Village’s Skills Tent at 4:00pm.

“Compost 101 and Worm Races”
By Jenn Halpin and Matt Steiman, Dickinson College Farm
A hands-on workshop

Composting is easy! Come and learn how to turn table scraps and yard waste into nutrient rich fertilizer for your garden. Participants will learn the fundamentals of building and managing piles in addition to a closer look inside the pile and the biology at work. Not interested in backyard composting? How about indoor vermicomposting made easy?! Participants will gain hands-on experience with what it takes to raise red wigglers and harvest their nutrient-dense castings. Come and get your hands dirty with us!

If you’re attending this national celebration of sustainable and family farms, please find us in the Homegrown Village or at the Skills Tent. We’ll be thrilled to see you!

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