Hiring Dining Services Sustainability Intern

Lettuce growing at the Dickinson College Farm.Paid Position 

Interested in making a difference in Dickinson’s food system? Dickinson’s Dining Services is hiring a Sustainability Intern as the student liaison between Dining Services and the campus community for sustainability related projects. The intern is expected to delve deeply into projects relevant to Dickinson’s food system. Projects may range from enhancing Dining Services’ relationship with regional farms to analyzing the energy use of the stoves used in the kitchen.

Sheep at Dickinson College Farm

The intern is encouraged to maintain an open-mind and to take the time understand the inner works of the system. Direct communication with the Dining Services Director and Managers is a significant component of this position.

It is important to remember that the most sustainable changes take time and the food system is complicated. Dickinson’s Dining Services Sustainability Intern position requires patience, self-motivation, and passion for a sustainable food system.

For more information or to receive an application for this position, please contact Lauren Bruns at brunsl@dickinson.edu.

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