SEED: May Day Celebration

Maypole. Flickr User: nicksmarto

May 4, 2013
Suggested ages 5-12

Celebrate spring! We will plant new crops, make crafts out of recycled materials, and recreate a Maypole tradition.

Parents are welcome to participate, observe, take a self-guided tour of the farm, relax in the shade or take a short drive into beautiful Boiling Springs. At the end of the program, children are invited to show parents what they’ve learned around the farm.

This program is part of SEED: Sustainable Earth Education, a farm-based education program for youth, hosted by the Dickinson College Farm.

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About the Teacher

“What I am hoping is to instill in them is an appreciation for the environment so that hopefully they would want to take care of and protect the nature that is around them.”
–Heather Livingston

Heather Livingston is a senior Environmental Studies major at Dickinson College. After her study abroad experience last fall with The School for Field Studies in Costa Rica, Heather grew to understand and appreciate the concept of sustainable agriculture. While in Costa Rica she applied to work at the Dickinson College Farm and began working there when she returned to the states in January. Heather worked at the farm this summer and is currently a student worker. In addition to her farm job, she is developing a farm-based curriculum for children, under the guidance of farm manager, Jenn Halpin. Heather hopes that by way of education, younger generations will understand the importance of organic and sustainable agriculture.

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