Farmers on the Square, May 22nd, 3-7pm

Everblossom Farm greens

Wednesday is market day! We’ll be on the square in Carlisle from 3-7pm, rain or shine! We will have mesclun mix, spinach, bibb lettuce, green and red leaf lettuce, green onions, bok choy, herbs, dried beans, hot sauce and other canned goodies.

Check out the Farmers on the Square Facebook Page for more info about this weekly farmers’ market!

This week at the market:

Activities and Cooking Demo: Tanya from Home Cooked Healing will be doing a cooking demo from 3:00-5:00 involving bok choy. Come and taste her creation and pick up a recipe. Enjoy the colonial sounds of the fiddle by Betsy Barnicle from 5:00-6:30. Jennifer from Healing Touch Massage will be with us again to put you in a state of calm and relaxation while you leave the market far, far away.

Beeman’s Baked Goods: Kate goes crazy in the bakery! Look for their tasty whoopie pies, breads, cookies, and focaccia. This week she will have rhubarb pie, chocolate peanut butter cake and carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.

Cool Beans: Katie will have tasty micro-greens, eggs, salad greens, vegetable and herb plants and, as always, great cold drinks and cookies!

Dawg Gone Bees: Jackie and Hal bring you all-natural honey products supplied by their bees. You will find beeswax products like candles. They also will have an array of sweet and tart jams and jellies. Homemade honey mustard has been added to their product list.

Dickinson College Farm: Jenn and students will have spring onions, mesclun mix, spinach, bibb lettuce, green and red leaf lettuce, green onions, bok choy, herbs, dried beans, hot sauce and other canned goodies.

Esh’s Produce: Steven will have radishes, asparagus, spring onions, red beets, lettuce, fresh brown eggs, homemade egg noodles, potato chips, ketchup, root beer and canned goods. Yum!

Everblossom Farm: Elaine will have many varieties of fresh greens for cooking or eating raw such as nappa cabbageand boc choy, beautiful red radishes, asparagus and some heirloom dried beans. Also, look for potted veggie plants for your garden. Ask about their CSA.

FreshaPeel Hummus: Deborah’s hummus flavors are tahini free, preservative free, gluten free, dairy free, low in fat and low in sodium! Stop by and sample the Blazin’ Buffalo or Ginger Lime hummus! Also, made-on-site guacamole and salsa.

Keswick Creamery: Award-winning gourmet cheeses made with milk from cows raised outdoors on lush pastures. Mel will have special reserve cheeses that have been aged for one year. Try their spicy dragon’s breath or pimento spread! They will also have bove, fresh whole milk ricotta and yogurt.

Lark Rise Farm: Sherri and Cookie have expanded and now sell produce AND bread! They will have lettuce mixes, herb bunches, tender pea shoots, and sauté mix. Fabulous artisan breads, bagels and ciabatta bread for pizza margarita, to name a few. Ask for information about joining their CSA!

Mountainside Supper Club: Steve is at the market this week (alternates with North Mountain Pastures). He will be cooking up all kinds of meals “to go” made from all the fresh and wonderful goodness available at the market and from local farms.

Morgan’s Mushrooms: Lynne and Rod will have fresh shiitake mushrooms and a few bags of dehydrated shiitake. Arrive early if you are hoping to bring home some fresh oyster mushrooms as they are limited.

North Mountain Pastures: NOT IN THE MARKET THIS WEEK – raises and sells pastured pork, pastured chicken, pastured turkeys, and grass-fed lamb and beef, as well as artisan cured meats. We will have our sausages (Italian, breakfast, Lincolnshire, chorizo, bratwurst) that are nitrate free, all natural and handmade using only pasture raised meats, organic spices and unrefined sea salt.

Otterbein Acres: Mark and Paul will be busy at the grill! They will be serving up fabulous grilled hickory-smoked sausage and free-range chicken. They have coolers full of all types of cheese (try the Ewe’s Dream!), yogurt, smoothies, meats, chicken, meadow mint tea and kombucha.

Pecan Meadow Farm: Daniel is with us each week providing a selection of pasture-raised meats. Choices include lamb, beef, duck, rabbit, guinea and chicken. Keep your eyes open for duck eggs, granola and special baked treats on occasion.

Perry County Land and Beef: Shana will be bringing all the usual tasty hearth-baked breads and pasture-raised beef products! They will also have freshly-prepared foods made with their beef, bread, eggs and veggies.

Piney Mountain Orchard: Megan’s veggie delights will feature radishes and arugula, salad mix and a variety of cooking greens! Stop by for a recipe or two, as well.

Prescott’s Patch: Steve and Lynn will have…strawberries!, asparagus, arugula, lettuce, spinach and radishes. I hope your garden is ready because they will bring pepper and eggplant plants along with tomato seedlings.

Roots Flower Farm: Look what Michelle has for you this week! The first of the peonies! Sweet William, Baptisia, more green wheat & barley are among the choice selections. Last week for jelly jar arrangements.

Sunset Valley Farm: Emanuel has straight-from-the-grass-fed-cow raw milk, chocolate milk, cheeses, low-fat black raspberry yogurt, maple yogurt, sweet butter, eggs and cream. Hand-dipped ice cream cones, too! Plus, ask them about their CSA!

Sunshine Tomato Company: Carla brings to you “Sunshine Pasta Sauce” made with all yellow tomatoes provided by local farmers. Lower in acid that normal red sauce. No sugar and gluten free. So many different options for use. Be sure to try a sample.

Three Springs Fruit Farm: Alana, Ben and the gang bring lots of crisp sweet apples (Fuji, Jonagold and Cameo), and fresh-cut asparagus, rhubarb and strawberries. They will also have applesauce and bottled juices. Don’t forget to check out the tart cherry juice, Fuji apple juice and dried apples!

Torchbearer Sauces: Brandon brings you irresistible flavors that allow you to spice up your food, salivate over your entrees, and emblazon your taste buds like never before.

Wild for Salmon: Not here this week. They are in the market on the SECOND Wednesday of each month.

Amaranth Gluten Free Bakery: Not here this week. They are in the market on the THIRD Wednesday of the month. Kristen will bake up a scrumptious selection of gluten free breads (caraway, cinnamon raisin, 4-seed); dinner rolls, sandwich buns, focaccia, muffins, cookies and granola! All gluten free! Plus many dairy-free options.

See you on the square!

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