Amazing Honey Bees!

Backyard Beekeeping Equiment. Photo Credit: Flickr - EmmaJaneHWBackyard Beekeeping with Rodney Morgan
June 15, 2013 2:00-4:00 PM
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Honey dripping from jars. Photo Credit: Flickr - MyNameIsHarsha~To make one pound of honey, the bees in the colony must visit 2 million flowers, fly over 55,000 miles and will be the lifetime work of approximately 768 bees.
~A single honeybee will only produce approximately 1/12 teaspoon of honey in her lifetime.
~A typical beehive can make up to 400 pounds of honey per year.

Interested in learning more about the amazing honey bee? Sign up for our Backyard Beekeeping workshop! We have heard whispers of honey samples for attendees (depending on supply). Email or call 717-245-1969 for more information or to sign up! Only $8 for PASA or DC Farm CSA members and $10 for all others.This workshop will cover the basics of hive management, “bee”havior, making a nucleus colony and the seasonal needs of honey bees.

The first half of the workshop will center on hive components, tools and practices. The last half will be out in the field opening up several hives and talking about what is happening inside. Rodney and attendees also might split a hive to show how it is done!

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